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Wednesday April 23, 2014

Working With Children, Youth & Families

I hope you have enjoyed your summer.  This past spring we included the category - Program Resources: Working With Youth, Children and Families. This bulletin includes some of the resources that have been recently added to the AASCF RESOURCE LIBRARY.  If you have resources that you would like to include, please send information to Starr Durrant sdurrant@aascf.com  

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Starr Durrant - AASCF Website Manager

Program Resources

Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research 
Dating Violence Awareness Program – Free to Download

CWLC National  Teleconference Event Summary
Retention of Foster Families: Experiences from Across Canada A Developmental Model for Infants and Toddlers in Child Welfare"  Dr. Chaya Kulkarni,

The Self Assessment Sheet (SAS)
Developed to assess and follow over time self harm behaviour and associated issues. It can be used as both an assessment tool and a means to monitor any use of different coping skills with treatment over time.

Signs of Safety.net

Book- Working With Denied Child Abuse The Resolutions Approach by Andrew Turnell and Susie Essax
How professionals can build constructive relationships with families where the parents dispute professional allegations of serious child abuse

The KnowMe™ 

Youth games: The Youth Master game enables players to encounter one another as  individuals and to understand other players in terms of their personal values, views and experiences, rather than their status, race, gender, or any other form of group membership. Other games tackle issues such as diversity, the environment and substance abuse. 

Some Basic Features of a School Protocol to Manage Self-Injury
This document was developed by Barent W. Walsh, the author of Treating Self Injury. It is a guide to developing a staff protocol as well as training for staff to respond to adolescent students who self-injure

The Vanier Institute of the Family
PP - Show of Fathers in Canada June 11, 2012
Fact Sheet Fathers in Canada

Bristol City Council UK
Spiralling Toolkit - Domestic Violence And Abuse Prevention Tool Kit
Spiralling' is an education toolkit and film for use as a resource to help prevent domestic abuse in the next generation, by carrying out activities with and for children and young people of all ages..

House of Ruth Maryland
Children`s Program Toolkit
Work with families who are struggling to escape from violent partners involves assisting victims and their children in overcoming complicated and intractable barriers.

Community Care
Tools Social Workers Can Use To Talk To Children
This site offers practical demonstrations of direct work methods each of which seeks to understand the mind of the child and the child’s world.

Alcohol, Drugs and the Family Research Programme

A Toolkit: Working With The Children And Families Of Problem Alcohol Users

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Client Resources

In the AASCF Resource Library you will also find a link to Special Rates & Subsidies for Program Clients  where you can find resources that may further assist those you serve. If you would like to submit a resource, please send to sdurrant@aascf.com

No Cost Spay/Neuter Program
The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services will begin accepting applications for the No Cost Sp​ay/Neuter Program​​ which provides free spay and neuter surgery for cats and dogs of eligible low income Calgarians. .

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"Understanding contextual effects on externalizing behaviors in children in out-of-home care: Influence of workers and foster families Authors: Cheung, Connie, Goodman, Deborah, Leckie, George Jenkins, Jennifer M. hildren and Youth Services Review, Volume 33, Issue 10, pp. 2050-2060. CCRW 2011 RW_English_July_10_2012

 “Human Trafficking in Calgary: Informing a Localized Response. Written by Lara Quarterman, Julie Kaye, and John Winterdyk. Published by ACT Alberta (Action Coalition on Human Trafficking) and the Centre for Criminology and Justice Research (CCJR) at Mount Royal University (MRU). June 2012.”

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AASCF Training

Save the Date!!!
The Leaders We Need Are Already Here: Now What Do We Do? with Meg Wheatley
Edmonton October 3, 2012  $75
Registration available September 8, 2012. 

Be introduced to the Emerging Leadership Development Framework and Assessment Tool. Meg will describe very simple processes and means for restoring learning to our organizations. In a combination of teaching and small group work, participants will have the opportunity to think together; reflect on what they've learned from their personal experiences as leaders; and determine specific actions in their organization to reinstitute learning, starting immediately. For more information about Meg Wheatley go to http://www.margaretwheatley.com/

OBSD - Dr. Bob Lonne will be returning to Alberta this fall! 
OBSD is really a significant shift in how Child Welfare is practiced in Alberta. A second site in Region 6 has recently begun and there will be more out soon in other regions. As part of our work with the Ministry we are pleased to announce that Dr. Bob Lonne co- author of Reforming Child Protection from Australia will be returning to Alberta this fall. Stay tuned to updates on his visit.

OBSD Resources - Access reports, newsletter and resources related to OBSD

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Related Links

For Additional Resource please visit our website or click on the following related links.

Toolkits & Resource – Working with Clients
Program Evaluation and Youth Assessments
Child, Youth and Family: Services and Organizations 
Child, Youth & Families Reports  

If you missed it - View the Funding Bulletin August 15, 2012


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Remember - If you are an AASCF Member, I'm here to assist your staff from front line on up with accessing the resources they need in a quick and efficient way.  If you are looking for research or resources on a topic and it's not included in our resource library - let me know and I'll work on finding you the related resources.  The website content is member driven, so please feel free to direct me at any time in regards to the type of resources you'd like to see available. Send your suggestions, inquiries or submissions to Starr Durrant  AASCF Web Manager sdurrant@aascf.com 


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